This packet is being provided by the County Elections Officer to supply you with the
basic information that any candidate would need to know.

Before becoming a candidate, we urge you to contact the Texas Ethics Commission for information on campaign contribution reports, the appointment of a campaign treasurer, and personal financial statements that you may be required to file.

The Texas Ethics Commission will serve as your authority on how to run your campaign.
“Local” Filers do not file with the Texas Ethics Commission.

If running for a County office you would file for a place on the ballot with the Party Chair of
your choice. All other forms would be filed with the County Elections Officer.

If running for a Local Political Subdivisions you would file all forms with the Subdivision

Please file forms with your local filing authority accordingly.

For Major Party Candidates:

In order to run with a major political party, a candidate must file an application with the
county or state party chair and pay a filing fee. A candidate also has the option of filing a
petition in lieu of the filing fee. Application and petition forms are available through local
party officials or the Texas Secretary of State. The regular filing period for the primary
election begins on the 30th day before the date of the regular filing deadline, which is 6
p.m. on the second Monday in December of an odd-numbered year.

For Qualifications for Office – Check with your Party Chair or Authority

MINIMUM for County offices (Non-Judicial)

a) US Citizen

b) Texas Resident – minimum 12 mothns

c) Registered in the district running for – minimum 6 months

d) Be at least 18 years old

Important Contact Information

The Commission may be reached at the following address:

Texas Ethics Commission
P.O. Box 12070
Austin, TX 78711-2070
Tel: (512) 463-5800

The Local Party Chairs may be reached at the following addresses:

Marion County Democratic Party
Jerry Smith – Party Chair
604 Martin Luther King Dr.
Jefferson, TX 75657
Tel: (617) 913-3642

Marion County Republican Party
Scott Stebbins – Party Chair
429 Lakeview Circle
Jefferson, TX 75835
Tel: (281) 750-1725


*Independent Candidate for county offices will file with the county judge

Marion County Elections Officer
Karen G. Jones, PCC, CTOP, PCAC
119 W Lafayette Street
Jefferson, TX 75657
Tel: 903) 665-3281 x236

We have compiled the following list of links that you should review which will provide
you with all necessary forms and better understanding of how to run your campaign.

Please visit Texas Ethics Commission to review these links.

> REQUIRED FORMS: (you will need to print)

Contact Information