County Elections Officer and Voter Registrar

Karen G. Jones, PCC, CTOP, PCAC karen.jones@co.marion.tx.us

Chief Elections Deputy: Era Johnson era.johnson@co.marion.tx.us

About Marion County Elections

One of the most important functions of the county government is to oversee the electoral process. The Elections Department has the responsibility of conducting all federal, state, county elections, as well as any local political subdivisions that contract with Marion County. Our office also handles all voter registration activities. In December, 2021 the Marion County Commissioner’s Court transferred the election duties to the Voter Registrar. Marion County currently has over 7,500 Voters registered.

Mission Statement

As the guardians for democracy, it is our mission to ensure the integrity of every vote cast in Marion County by upholding election laws of the State of Texas and the constitution of the United States while enhancing public confidence, encouraging citizen participation and increasing voter awareness and education for citizens of all ages.

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